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Websites, processes and
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Fully Responsive Websites
for all devices
We design, craft and build websites, brands, mobile apps and SaaS applications, creating digital solutions that drive tangible results for our clients at a fraction of the cost of larger agencies.
Great design
drives great results
One part of design is to visually engage. But it’s even more important that design understands the business objectives and then delivers a tangible result – more enquiries, more conversions, more sales.
Communication drives
Having a team that works together with our clients make communication a breeze and to achieve goals is not just a dream but a reality - Get in touch for more information.
we are DigiWizard UK

We offer tailor-made
digital solutions

We concentrate on what we’re passionate about – bespoke website & digital business solutions. Our office is one third design & marketing brain and two thirds hardcore code junky. This means we encompass all the necessary skills to deliver the most innovative, engaging, creative and advanced web & app solutions for our clients – enabling them to cut through their competition online.
You know those agencies that can tackle your web design, app development, SEO, Google Ads, social media, email marketing then afterwards fit in your kitchen sink? That’s not us..
Avoid wasting time and budget and leave your next digital project to your local experts.

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How we work

Engaging with us
is as easy as 1..2..3..

Contact us
Reach out to one of our Business Development Managers for a no obligation chat.
Contact us
Consult with us
We will discuss your requirements and how we can help your business.
Statement of work
We will draft a statement of work detailing all agreed tasks, activities and developmental actions.
Project start
Once we have agreed the statement of work, its over to our team to make the magic happen.
Lets get to work
we are DigiWizard UK

There is more to design
than meets the eye.

Design done well can help grow your business. Every brief is different but the same principals apply. Understand the objectives and then design a solution to solve the problem.
  • Strategy

    A clear vision and set of objectives will lay the foundations to a strong product. What does your website, product or brand need to do to make your business successful?

  • Design

    The design must solve the problem. Almost always, great design is about simplicity, aesthetics, strong copy and delivering a user experience that works across any device.

  • Build

    Whether your build is on WordPress, Shopify or a custom platform, our team will take care of the development in house working in 2 week sprints along with your business to ensure full transparency of project performance.

  • Analyse

    The power of digital is in the data and insights. If you know your objectives, you can track the results and then iterate off the back of real user feedback to deliver improved performance.

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